BOTOLO is a hybrid game of keepaway and king-of-the-hill. Steal the ball from your opponent and hold it in your zone to score points.

BOTOLO is a fast paced mindreading competition, a dance inside the negative space between your opponent's thoughts.

STEAL the ball by standing next to your opponent and holding the ACTION button.

PREDICT when your opponent is going to steal and hold the ACTION button to BLOCK them. A successful BLOCK will score POINTS.

BE CAREFUL when blocking. If you waste too much shield, you will be unable to block.

KEEP the ball inside the POINT ZONES to capture them.

CAPTURE more POINT ZONES than your opponent to WIN!

No friends? No problem. BOTOLO has built-in, state-of-the-art friend simulations! Granted, these incredible programs might not appreciate the simple beauty of a sunset, or lend you a reassuring hug in a time of need, but they DO adapt to your playstyle mid-match, which is almost as good.

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